Zinah Mohammed

Director - Soft Services

Zinah has been a member of ServeU staff for more than 15 years. She has a holistic view of cleaning given her direct responsibilities on the complete mobilization and operations of Abu Dhabi Aiport involving more than 700 staff that were to be mobilized within three weeks. Her technical breadth and operational understanding will ensure that what is outlined within this bid has been considered not only from a hospitality perspective but also from the perspective of the methodologies actually working on site.

Zinah’s experience across a number of key large scale hotel projects will ensure operational efficiencies are delivered throughout the entire term of the operations and planning phases ensuring that the cleaning operations will be to the level experienced in the numerous hospitality projects that we currently supply.

Due to her outstanding command on managerial skills, correct and timely planning & execution, the excellent capability to create favorable work environment/style within team members and job dedication, operations achieved outstanding and continual growth and development.